Running Business in the Netherlands? Do it with Lakotta B.V.

The Lakotta administrative office focuses on administrative and tax support for entrepreneurs from Eastern Europe and other countries who do business in the Netherlands. We help companies that have been present on the Dutch market for years to successfully run their business.

Start your business in the Netherlands!

Focus on developing the company and leave the administration in our hands

  • Conducting ongoing administrative activities - do not waste time on time-consuming formalities and spend it on maximizing company profits
  • Preparation and submission of annual financial statements in the Chamber of Commerce - we will be your contact link between the company and Dutch public authorities
  • Tax and financial consulting - optimize your business expenses in a completly legal way
  • Completing tax declarations - we monitor and keep the deadlines for fulfilling tax obligations
  • Preparation and settlement of payrolls - take care of your employees by entrusting payroll services to us
  • Applying for extra funds and preparing business plans - take advantage of the opportunities offered by Dutch regulations to grow your business

Comprehensive services in one place

We work with a certified sworn translator, a notary office, a reputable financial advisor a real estate broker and a leasing company. We provide a complete range of services to support business in the Netherlands.

Check yourself before entering the market!

Business sparring is a support in building a business form as well as a test checking your company's chances on the market. Just as a boxer trains with his partner before a key fight in the ring, you should prepare yourself before entering the market.

Want to learn more about running a business in the Netherlands? Do you want to avoid key mistakes? Let us become your sparring partner - we will train you to achieve success.